Monday, February 01, 2016

Pregnancy Update // 33 Weeks

How far along?  33 weeks.
Total weight gain:  26 pounds.  For nearly a month I held a steady weight, so it's good to see that I'm gaining healthy weight on a consistent, weekly basis again.
Stretch marks?  No stretch marks in sight!
Sleep:  As usual, sleeping remains to be difficult since this little nugget has been tending to keep me from falling asleep at night.  I know my last update said otherwise, but shortly after I bragged about how it was nice that her movements didn't hinder my sleep at all, she decided to start throwing a party in my womb during my bedtime hour. ;-)
Best moment this week:  Enjoying a (much needed) relaxing, shopping day with my hubby.
Miss anything?  Still missing my energy.
Symptoms:  Same as last time - (absent-mindedness, heartburn, bleeding gums, back pain, shortness of breath, itchiness, occasional nausea & headaches, and exhaustion from standing up for long bouts of time).
Movement:  A lot!
Food cravings:  CUPCAKES . . . and oranges.
Anything making you queasy or sick?  Not really.
Looking forward to:  The baby showers taking place this month and reaching the 9-months-of-pregnancy-milestone!

Have a blessed month of February everyone!