Thursday, December 03, 2015

Pregnancy Update // 24 Weeks

Hello dears!
I know my posts have been a little sporadic lately, and I do apologize for that.  Life has been pretty crazy lately . . . with married life, pregnancy, and the holidays coming and going.  These months have been going by so fast, it's insane.  I can't believe we're in the month of December already!  Where oh where does the time go?
I haven't posted a whole lot these past few months, though I have noticed that I've posted several "Thankful Thursday" posts and updates more than anything.  However, my Bible studies have kind of tampered down for a bit.  I'm currently struggling with ideas for posts, as this pregnancy leaves me absent minded quite often.  Just when I get an idea for a post I forget what I'm writing about not even a paragraph in.  So please do forgive me for that.  I assure you that I will post a new study as soon as this baby allows me to return to my former apperception. ;)
And just for a little pregnancy update . . .
How far along?  As of today I am 24 weeks and 3 days pregnant, with an approximate due date of March 22nd.
Total weight gain:  13 pounds!  Supposedly I am gaining steady baby weight and no extra fat from over-eating, so that's pleasing to know. :)
Maternity clothes?  Yes.  As of recent, I have officially begun donning the traditional maternity clothing.  I am able to fit into a few select items that I owned previous to the pregnancy, but they have to be larger fitting.  I went through my closet about a month back and literally removed over half of the items due to most of the clothing being too small!
Stretch marks?  Thankfully these horrid markings haven't made their appearance yet.  I'm currently using an organic belly balm daily, so hopefully the stretch marks will continue to hold out for a while.
Sleep:  Sleeping has been rather difficult for me lately, due to a constant full bladder and the struggle to get into a comfortable sleeping position.  I do end up getting quite a bit of sleep at night, which I am thankful for.  However it can often times take me a while to enter a deep slumber.
Best moment this week:  Every time my baby girl kicks. <3
Miss anything?  Having a lot of energy and the motivation to get things done.
Symptoms:  Absent-mindedness, heartburn, bleeding gums, the occasional back pain, and exhaustion from standing up for long bouts of time.
Movement:  Quite a lot.  This little girl is pretty active and has developed quite the routine now!
Food cravings:  Not currently having any.
Anything making you queasy or sick?  Motion.
Gender:  Girl!
Looking forward to:  Hearing my baby girl's heartbeat again today. <3
I'll try to update again soon, friends. :)
Warmest blessings,


  1. Awww. :-) My little sister was born last year on March 23rd - maybe your daughter will be born on her 1st birthday. :-)

  2. Oh wow, if absent-mindedness is a pregnancy symptom, I am going to be in *big* trouble should I ever get pregnant (considering how absent-minded I am already)!
    You're going to have to start taking notes just as the thoughts come to you, to remind you of what you wanted to post about! (Though if it were me, I might forget where I put the notes...)

    That must be a challenge getting a whole new maternity wardrobe in order, and it sounds like getting comfortable to sleep is a bit of a challenge too!

    Glad everything is going well overall. I'm sure your little baby will be a sweetheart! Thanks for the update!

    1. Haha! I get the feeling that if I were to make notes I'd end up losing them myself! I think I have a problem . . .

      Yes, it's quite the challenge, but at the same time it's fun getting new clothes. And as for the sleeping part, I'm hoping that I'll get used to it. ;-)

      Thanks for the kind words, Bethany! God Bless!


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