Friday, September 04, 2015

Today's Society // From Classy to Trashy

Do you notice today how hard it is to walk into your local Walmart or grocery store without seeing some trashy-R-rated magazine, film, music album, or poster?  Squalid celebrities are pictured all over in the book & music sections... half-nude posters are hung by the clothing... and there awaiting to welcome you at the check out is a shelf full of the latest celebrity gossip and sex-talk, plastered with contemptible individuals.  It's an act designed to demoralize and it only appears to be getting worse.
As a maturing adult, I am noticing more and more sinful details in our world today and it bothers me more than ever.  Fashion that once was classy is now trashy in the here and now. 
The music album covers from, let's say . . . the 40's . . . were quite simple and classy, right?  Not today.  Now it is as rare as budding crocuses in the late summer to find an acceptable album cover that's not defrauding and revealing.  Today's celebrities are dressed in garments that barely cover the essential areas, revealing a fashion statement that teaches "less is best" and "modesty is old-fashioned".
Sometimes these modern stars don't wear clothing at all on the covers of their albums (is it at all shocking that this is allowed in stores today?)  Well it is only getting worse, folks. 
It's sad for me to realize how far our culture has fallen from morality, modesty, and dignity.  Where is the self-respect and decency in today's society?  Has it vanished entirely?  If it hasn't, it sure does seem like it.
Another thing that breaks my heart is the fact that so many young girls aren't even aware of the pull these fashion trends have on them.  Young girls want so badly to fit in with society and they will do whatever it takes to feel welcomed and accepted into it.  What starts out to be a slow and subtle transition can quickly turn into a deadly trap. 
It's pretty obvious that a girl wanting to fit in with her school friends is not going to go out and immediately buy the latest Miley Cyrus trends.  No, she's slowly going to lower the bar on her own morality because it's not "the trashiest option".  Yet, this is a common tactic that Satan uses to get us to lower our standards.  He whispers lies into our ears like, "You're no where near as bad as they are . . . just lower the bar a little.  There's nothing wrong with wanting to fit in, is there?  Just relax and loosen up a bit."
And so many of us fall for his deceiving lies. 
Society compares and then compromises, and I can assure you, that response is completely wrong.  We need to segregate ourselves from the immorality of this world and let God's Word inform our worldview. 
We need to listen and act wholeheartedly to the teachings of the scripture in Romans;
"And be not conformed to this world:
but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind,
that ye may prove what is good, and acceptable,
and perfect, will of God. "
- Romans 12:2
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  1. This is so true! It's really sickening and sad that we can't walk into a normal, "family" store and have to avert our eyes from all of the things you mentioned. :(

  2. Good post, Cryslyn! Thanks so much for sharing. Our society has more or less completely gone down the drain.

    1. It pretty much has . . . it's sad really.

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you! I think I've found a design that I'm going to stick with for a while (remember I said that in case I end up changing it in the future. haha)


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