Wednesday, August 26, 2015

He Leadeth Me


"He leadeth me, O blessed thought!
O words with heav’nly comfort fraught!
Whate’er I do, where’er I be
Still ’tis God’s hand that leadeth me.
He leadeth me, He leadeth me,
By His own hand He leadeth me;
His faithful foll’wer I would be,
For by His hand He leadeth me.
Sometimes ’mid scenes of deepest gloom,
Sometimes where Eden’s bowers bloom,
By waters still, o’er troubled sea,
Still ’tis His hand that leadeth me.
Lord, I would place my hand in Thine,
Nor ever murmur nor repine;
Content, whatever lot I see,
Since ’tis my God that leadeth me.
And when my task on earth is done,
When by Thy grace the vict’ry’s won,
Even death’s cold wave I will not flee,
   Since God through Jordan leadeth me."


  1. I haven't heard this song in a while! It's so beautiful. Thank you for sharing. Also, that is such a pretty photo! Is it one of yours?

    1. It really is a beautiful song!
      And yes, it is my photo. :-)

  2. Beautiful hymn and lovely photo, Cryslyn!

  3. One of my favorite hymns and that is such a beautiful picture, I love it. <3


"Pleasant words are as an honeycomb, sweet to the soul, and health to the bones." - Proverbs 16:24