Tuesday, July 07, 2015

Saving Sex for Marriage

Some of you who were following my Facebook page at one point probably remember this post I had shared with my followers then and am about to share now. 
Originally this post was intended for blog publishing, so those who weren't following my Facebook profile could read it as well . . . but, I hadn't gotten that far at the time.  
So, now I am publishing it on my blog (with a few changes and additions).
Over the past few days I've been noticing quite a lot of sexual topics floating around the Internet (unfortunately these days, in this sin-filled world, it is hard not to see them . . .)
And you know what?  It saddens me greatly to see these young girls, and single girls at that, talk and brag about their sex lives.
I've gone back and forth about posting something like this, but after some prayer I decided it would be a good idea to do so.  After all, sometimes being a Christian requires you to step out of your comfort zone once in a while to help those you love and care about.
So, here goes . . .
As a married woman, I can now say that sex is a big deal while truly understanding why.
Some of you may be thinking, "why do I care to hear about this woman's sex life?"
But please, just hear me out for a bit.
Sex is a wonderful thing that God designed for a man and woman to share after being united in holy matrimony, and I just can't express how thankful I am that I have shared this experience with my husband, and my husband only.  He has shared it with me, and me only.
Throughout my single years God kept me strong, and with the loving teaching of my parents guiding me, I was able to save myself in the most physical way for the man I married.
There was no guilt. 
No shame. 
No worries about what people would think of me or the dreaded discovery that I would become pregnant as a single woman.
Sex didn't come as a blow to my self-worth that I was just another conquest to a man who just wanted me for a while, and not forever.

I have heard about and seen all of these things happening around me and it breaks my heart.
But because of God's grace, my experience was different.  It was different because God's Word showed me what was the right thing and I did it.  He said it was better to wait, so I waited.  I did it God's way, and I am forever grateful to Him that I did.
But allow me to help you understand that God doesn't tell us these things to control us like little children.  No, He tells us out of love because He wants what is best for us.
If you are reading this post and are worried because you have already made the mistake of sharing your body sexually with another man, don't be.  You can repent and turn your sight towards God!  God sent His only begotten Son to die on the cross so we could be forgiven of our sins! 
All Christians make mistakes, but that doesn't mean that we have to let those mistakes overcome us and build up a wall of guilt and shame.  We can repent and become new creatures in Christ, because we've been given a second chance.
Isn't that wonderful, friends? 
We have a second chance to choose to do what is right!
So I beg you young women (and those select men that may be reading this, too) to take a stand and do what is right.  There is no greater happiness than knowing you are living out God's Will for your life, which is written in His Word.  All you need to do is pick up your Bible, folks!


  1. Very wise words! I've now been married for 34 years and never regretted this decision.

    1. Thank you, Mari!
      I'm approaching 3 months of marriage and I still find comfort in the thought that my husband and I saved ourselves sexually until after we were married. God is good!

  2. Thank you for sharing this very personal aspect of your life with us! I also felt called to share this, too, before I was married. Sexual abstinence/chastity/purity is SO difficult. However, it is also very beautiful knowing that you saved everything for your husband. Sex is a God-given gift for marriage. And like you mentioned, God is ready to forgive those who didn't! Only God can make us mentally, spiritually and physically pure - purity is all about Him!

    1. That is very true! Thanks for sharing your thoughts!
      God Bless!

  3. Good message, Cryslyn.

    I particularly like what you said, "God doesn't tell us these things to control us like little children. No, He tells us out of love because He wants what is best for us." I think this helps draw the line between what is interpreted as "legalism" and what is following God because His way is wise, perfect, and beautiful. Some people seem to think, "Ah, you poor Christians, you miss out on all the fun because you have to obey God's laws in order to not be thrown into a lake of fire." They miss the whole point; God shows us His will as a loving Father because he wants us to be blessed and joyful instead of empty and hurt. And we follow His will because we trust His omniscient, omnibenevolent will for His children.

    1. Thank you, Bethany!
      Exactly. I only pray that more people would understand that. God knows what is best for us. Why else would we have the Bible today if not to listen to and head the warnings? He gave it to us so we could have a better quality of life, and for some reason so many people get that wrong. It's sad really.


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