Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Married Life

People may ask me . . . "so how is life working out for you, now that you're married and all?"

And nearly every time, I might respond with certain accuracy of what it is like:

For me, being married to the love of my life is sheer happiness.  Each day I am learning more and more about what being a committed wife entails, and the process is deeply rewarding.
I can't describe how much I enjoy serving and submitting to my husband.  As head of our household, Andy does a great job regulating and taking control of every difficult situation, and I dearly enjoy being his helpmate through every struggle we go through.  Throughout each day I am blessed to be able to serve my husband by taking on the responsibilities of being a housewife.  There's just something gratifying about it . . . even though it's work, I dearly enjoy it.  Doing laundry, cooking, cleaning, keeping things tidy, decorating, etc.
I love being able to provide a fully prepared supper for my husband when he returns home from work, and at this time we've been blessed to live close enough to his job so I can make a meal for his lunch break as well.  I've made breakfasts, too, of course, but I won't be ashamed to say that Andy has spoiled me in the mornings, on more occasions than one, with breakfast in bed. ;-)  The gesture is so sweet and thoughtful every time.  My hubby is the sweetest.

 Being able to share these kinds of moments and experiences each and every day with my beloved spouse is an incredible thing, and I am so blessed to have entered into such a wonderful and rewarding stage of life!

 One thing that I really cherish about wedded life is the personal 'one-on-one' time Andy and I are
able to share.  Each day we grow closer together as a couple, and even more so, closer to God.  Just being able to share in precious intimate moments like these are what fills this heart of mine with joy and contentment. 

Married life is nearly everything I expected it to be.  It can be a rollercoaster at times, unanticipatedly shifting from joyous to distressing, frustrating to relieving, then exhausting to rewarding . . . the downhill standpoints can be very tough, and the both of us have gotten to experience some of those more this past week than before . . . but even so, I am thankful for every moment that Andy and I are able to share together.  The trials may be tough and testing, but we are always able to get through them together, and each distressing hardship only makes us stronger as a couple.
Being able to handle stressful and exasperating situations together as a couple is what adds to making us so compatible. 
Life is definitely easier when someone you love has your back.
I thank God all the time for this wedded miracle.

(P.S. this is my 100th blog post - woo-hoo!!)


  1. Glad you're enjoying married life! Congrats on 100 posts!!

  2. Awe, this is super sweet! :)

  3. Thank you for sharing, I am soo happy you guys are having such a wonderful time.


"Pleasant words are as an honeycomb, sweet to the soul, and health to the bones." - Proverbs 16:24