Tuesday, September 20, 2016

9/16 Update: My Emilia

Wow.  It has been so so long since I've been active on here.  I suddenly feel somewhat alien to this blogging world... (momming has become a full-time job, folks)
But seriously, I just checked to see when my latest blog post was published and Emilia was just over 2 months old then!  What? 

To update, Emilia is nearing 6 MONTHS now.  Time is a thief, and I think when you are a parent that statement rings truer than ever.  Becoming a mother really is the greatest and most fulfilling thing that has ever happened to me.  On April 6th of 2016 my life suddenly felt like it had meaning.  I know that sounds strange, but really, there is no greater calling for a woman than to be a mother and bring her children up in God's Word.  Having a daughter has made me a better person and has filled a void that I never knew was missing.  Emilia is the very best part of me, and each new day that I am gifted I spend relishing in these so very precious moments that are far too short. 

At 24 weeks old, Emilia:

- is 14 lbs, 6 oz!
- has TWO teeth (and is cutting a third)
- squirms around on tummy-time (it won't be long before this girl is crawling!)
- growls at her picture books & toys
- has the cutest giggle in the world
- is captivated by flowers, bright lights and colors
- can do more push-ups than I can
- loves to scratch things
- randomly squeals at people when she is excited
- loves her feet and can stick them in her mouth
- still has the deepest, brightest blue eyes
- loves books
- is a brand representative/model for 5 baby clothing shops!
- is happiest in the bath tub or in mommy's arms
- rolls over
- coos when she wakes up in the morning
- has just begun studying my face with her hands and it is the most heart-melting thing ever!

My baby girl is growing too quickly, but the quicker the moments fly, the more I cherish every messy bit. I can't even begin to explain to you how wonderful mommyhood is.  I wouldn't trade it for all the world.

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

My Emilia // 10 Weeks of Sheer Happiness

Motherhood is incredible, folks.  I can't even begin to explain the happiness that fulfills me each and every day since my sweet Emilia made her entrance into this world.  It is such an exciting and incredible journey being able to help this tiny human walk through her first milestones of life. 
Having a little girl to share your life with is such fun!  The majority of my days are just spent cuddling and kissing this sweet baby.  Her cuteness is irresistible!  Her daddy and I are truly blessed. <3
I thought I'd share a few photos from the last couple of weeks since my Emilia reached her two-month milestone.  At 10 weeks, she's the happiest, bright-eyed baby I've ever seen.  11 and a half pounds of pure fun. :)



Sunday, May 08, 2016

Emilia's 1-Month Milestone // 1st Mother's Day

My baby girl turned one month old this past Wednesday -- how is that even possible!?  This past month has been the most incredible of my life.  I never imagined that motherhood could be so miraculous. 
Andy and I feel like the happiest parents in the world to be able to love and care for this little blessing.  Emilia's baby-sweet, 'always happy', expressional character fills our lives with such joy! 

Nearly five weeks ago this little girly made me a momma; and with each new day I grow more and more thankful for this wonderful privilege I've been granted by the Almighty Himself.  Motherhood is the toughest, ever exhausting - exhilarating, and deeply fulfilling - challenging, but most rewarding occupation a woman could be blessed with.  I am beyond grateful for this life-changing-promotion that has enabled me to participate in the celebration of this very special Mother's Day, today.  I couldn't be more proud to call this wee darling my baby girl. 🌺

Friday, April 08, 2016

Announcing . . .

🌸 My heart has never been so full!!! 🌸

After a 30 hour long labor, our little girl, Emilia Rose, was born on April 6th at 6:17 a.m. and weighed in at 7 lbs, 8 oz.  There are no words to describe the love we feel for this tiny human!
P.S.  Thank you all SO much for keeping our little family in your thoughts and prayers throughout this joyous peregrination.  It meant the world to us to know that we had prayer support from so many people. 💗

Tuesday, March 08, 2016

Pregnancy Update // 38 Weeks

How far along?  38 weeks, 1 day.  I am officially considered full-term at this point.  The thought that I could be holding my baby girl in my arms in 2 weeks or less thrills me beyond explanation!  I feel so blessed!
Total weight gain:  37 pounds - I'm definitely feeling the weight of the extra pounds these last few weeks!
Stretch marks?  Over the past two weeks I've noticed the slightest, miniscule stretch marks on my hips.  I always heard of gaining stretch marks on your abdomen during pregnancy, but I was never warned about the few other places where stretch marks tend to deviously make their appearance. . . oh well, I really cannot complain because I've been so fortunate to not have gotten any on my enlarging bump.
Sleep:  Sleeping still remains to be difficult, although it hasn't been as bad lately since my body has been letting me sleep in for a change.  However, getting out of bed has appeared to be nigh impossible these days.
Best moment this week:  Feeling the baby drop.  It's a rather uncomfortable sensation, but I know it means that I'm getting that much closer to meeting my baby. :-)
Miss anything?  Sleeping comfortably and having the energy and gumption to get things done.
Symptoms:  Same as before, although I'm a lot more exhausted now and feel extremely weighed down.  It has gotten harder and harder to breath with this growing babe inside me, as well.
Movement:  All the time, and I never tire of her movements. :-)
Food cravings:  Mostly peanut butter flavored treats this week. . .  but I crave anything sweet, really.
Anything making you queasy or sick?  Really strong fragrances (such as perfume scents).
Looking forward to:  Meeting my baby this month!
This week has been rather nostalgic for me.  At this point, Baby Faulkner could make her appearance any day.  The hubby and I couldn't be more anxious to meet this little life that so sweetly indwells me.  I knew I would love being pregnant; every flutter, kick and hiccup brings overflowing joy to this soul of mine.  My heart floods with excitement to meet my precious girly, yet I know these priceless moments of being pregnant are going to be greatly missed. . .
This may just be my last pregnancy update before you all see a post on the birth of our dear baby girl.  What a thrilling probability that is. ❤

May you all have a blessed week!